sabato 20 giugno 2015

Game of Thrones / Lena Headey / The Walk of Shame

Lena Headey nekkid in Game of Thrones 

I debated very long whether I should post this videoclip because of its shame !
Using CGI putting the head of Lena on another woman’s body isn’t very ethical IMHO.
And it sets a dangerous precedent, cuz pretty soon and sooner than you think,
no nudity of any actress in any show will be valid anymore !!!
As computer video graphics become cheaper and easier by the year,
the movie companies and movie studio’s are likely to go for CGI,
since it will be cheaper for them to cheat the audience in nudity
by using an ‘unknown’ actress to to the nudity for them and while this
is not a new thing since body doubles have been used to do the trick,
it’s far more foul play when computer graphics are used to fool peeps
into believing that you are seeing the ‘real person’ nude.
In this case Lena wasn’t nude cuz she was pregnant at the time of the
shoot and they used the (beautiful) body of Rebecca Van Cleave and
superimposed the head of Lena on it to make it look like Lena was nude.
Besides it’s only ‘fairly’ done if you watch my 1080p videoclip.
All in all (besides the shame on nudity) it is still a great series.

The below videoclip is a 1920×1080 MP4 (195 mb) from The Flixiator
which can be downloaded with a cheap subscription to download ALL videoclips in HD.

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